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Kent Cynophobia Assistance Group


Dog Training Types

Asking for a home visit or a ‘one to one‘ visit, does not mean you are embarking on an expensive venture.


Most of the time just a single visit* will be sufficient, either in your own house or at my home. (* Unless there is a serious problem).


Common problems that arise in owning a dog i.e. pulling on a lead, will not come back when called, barking, all stem from the way we are treating the dog, and the way the dog sees its position within the family structure.


A home visit which lasts at least 2 hours, giving sensible advice on how your dog fits into your family and what you can do to improve or change that, will usually cure a high percentage of the problems that arise. Sometimes it is just not convenient for owners to attend dog training classes, or it may be that the dog would not suit a hall environment, in which case a one off visit is ideal.

One Off Training

We offer one to one dog training,   as long as its within a fifteeen mile distance of Kingswood, Kent,  I charge £60.  These one off training session are exactly that and one visit is  usually enough.   



I do run classes at two village halls,  i.e.  Kingswood and East Malling   East Malling is held on Tuesday mornings and Kingswood is held on Wednesday evenings. 


Problem Dog?

Home visits can be very beneficial for dogs who are showing behavioral problems. We unintentionally confuse dogs by the way we treat them. Knowledge of the way the dog sees us and the way we should be seeing the dog can nearly always, improve not only the life of the family but that of the dog. What may seem a huge problem may just need a change in the way we are treating them.