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Kent Cynophobia Assistance Group


Lead The Way - Dog & Puppy Training in Kent

With our natural, humane and effective methods of training dogs, you will find just as many of our clients have before you, that Dog Training doesn't need to be difficult or stressful. Dog & puppy training is something magical and fulfilling for both you and your dogs. The owner is fully qualified and Kennel Club accredited,  She is also affiliated to the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers.


Lead The Way in Maidstone, Kent are registered with the Kennel Club. We  run really popular puppy classes for very young puppies starting as soon as their injections are complete. We also run the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Scheme.


We cater for all dogs from puppies to older dogs and rescue dogs.


Thinking of Getting a Puppy?

Are you getting a puppy, or have a puppy? Then starting off in the correct manner is essential for a happy relationship. Those early days are very important, and whilst training classes are so good for the puppy where they meet people and see other dogs, it’s not always easy to talk through your own problems when in a busy class situation.


A home visit can put you on the right track from day one. It’s so easy to teach a young puppy to walk to heel, and to come back when called. Learn how to train him to play, perform simple exercises like sit, down and stay, even tricks. All learnt in a happy and positive manner. All the family can join in with the training too!


If you have not yet bought your puppy, then getting good advice may stop you from buying a puppy that is just not suitable for your life style. We can talk over the different breeds, and their prospective problems. What equipment to buy and NOT to buy. Where to find good advice on the breed and breeder, food and much more.


On a serious note the young puppy is going to grow into an adult dog, and who without the correct guidance in the early days, can grow into either a difficult dog or a dog with behavioral problems. At the very least it can be nightmare for 10 years plus, making it difficult to go for a walk or entertain guest, or leave him alone in the house to go shopping. At the very worst, re-homing or a one way trip to the vets is the outcome. Don’t let this small puppy turn into a problem dog!